John Lennon Autographs

Welcome to our John Lennon Autographs Gallery! Of all the four members of The Beatles, the most sought after signature is that of John Lennon! Since the time of his untimely death, collectors and fans just can't get enough of John Lennon autographs and memorabilia. Here we feature post band break-up items that John signed through the 70's until December of 1980 as pre-band breakup autographs before the bands split in 1970 can be more difficult to find. During the years fallowing the break-up of The Beatles, John Lennon had several different variations of how he signed his name for fans. His famous self face doodle first appeared sometime around 1969. Lennon also would at times doodle his wife Yoko's face as well. It was not uncommon for him to inscribe the date or pen a series of xxx's under his signature. During the last few years of his life and especially in 1980, his signature became shorter with less fully formed letters. Here we offer some very nice and desirable items for collectors. Please check back here periodically as we are always up dating inventory as new acquisitions are acquired